When it comes to financing a car it is very important to be fully knowledgeable of your credit situation and to know all of the options you may or may not have.  One of the biggest mistakes customers can make when purchasing and financing a car is lack of research and by default knowledge.  Some of these reasons can be a fear of getting approved, the customer may not understand how financing works, the customer may not know what information they need or some customers may not realize that they have access to an abundance of information regarding car financing.  If you are not aware of what kind of interest rate you qualify for, then this is a good place to start your research.  The Finance Team at Southland Ford provides access to everything you need to get the best possible car loan!  It is even more important to be fully informed and knowledgeable of your situation if you think you may have some credit issues.  Some customers think there credit is actually worse than it is, and vice versa.   If you think your credit is less than perfect then you definately want to apply and get pre-approved for a car loan before you even arrive at the dealership!!!  You never want to leave the dealership without your financing set in stone.  Dealers will sometimes get the customer to sign a contract without the customer being approved.  This process is called a "spot delivery".  The dealer will try and get the loan worked out the way the contract was signed, but if they can't you will be stuck with a tough decision, either give the car back, or take the new loan terms.  I can almost guarantee that the new terms will be much higher and not nearly as attractive as the original terms you signed.  If you give the car back you can be charged per day and per mile.  This recission agreement is usally printed on the back of the bill of sale that you have signed.  Regardless of your credit situation you need to get a copy of your credit report so you know your exact credit score.  Once you know your credit score you can use The Car Deal Wizard to estimate your credit score.  Most of the time the dealer will offer you a bettter rate than the credit union has offered you.  Please give us a call today with any questions.