Here at Southland Ford, we take a lot of pride in our "Special Finance" Department. We enjoy helping "good" people with "bad" credit.  Most dealerships will simply send in an online credit application for you, if they don't simply turn you away without even sending in an application.  We never do that here at Southland Ford, we let the bank make the decision.  However, in order to get the best results and to increase the chances of getting someone approved with less than perfect credit, we will gather all of the necessary information and documents from you regarding your situation and we will submit all of your info to one of our many lenders and we will talk to that bank and fight hard for you.  We will take the time to explain why you may or may not have any bad marks on your credit. 

     As stated earlier, most dealerships will send in an online application for you via the internet and that dealer will let the "computer" make the decision.......We never do that here at Southland Ford.  We take the time to get all of your information and we also get explanations from you regarding any bad marks that may be on your credit.  We have often found that there are mistakes on someone's credit profile that they were not even aware of that have hurt their chances of getting approved elsewhere. We understand that bad things happen to good people which is why we prefer to talk to a person instead of a computer, and doing it this way has allowed us to develop great personal relationships with a variety of both local and national lenders that look at things other that just "credit".  Like your job time and income, down payment, or just your overall stability.  Credit is just one factor that our lenders use to make a decision regarding your application.   Give our Finance Department a call today to get your credit evaluated by one of our trained special finance managers.  

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